Pet Signatures – Paw Print Stickers

Pet Signatures – Clear Plastic Stickers With Your Pet’s Name And Paw Print

Pet Signatures - Paw Print Stickers

Pet Signatures by Barbara were first designed when a friend asked if we knew of a way he could sign his cards and letters with his pet’s name and paw print.  He didn’t want to spoil the card by inking his pet’s paw and putting it on the card, but wanted to include him when he sent out the cards.

The question seemed simple but we soon found that there were no labels that had both a paw print and the name together.  Also the labels that we did find were large and generally white or colored which would detract from the card.  Then we ran across clear labels, printed paw print and name for him and the business took off from there! Before we knew it, the recipients of those cards and letters were contacting us for their pet’s name and Pet Signatures by Barbara was born.

We are a staff of four senior ladies just trying to keep ourselves busy helping others fulfill their wish to include their pets along with the rest of the family.  Our customers have always been our inspiration and their suggestions and requests have led to our adding names until you see the wide selection available today.  As the years have passed, they have also asked for prints of birds, horseshoes and rabbit prints, to name just a few!

Because we were getting so many various name requests needed, we decided to accommodate the unusual name as a Special Order, i.e. Snowball and Poop Stain, so all customers could be satisfied.

Our Pet Signatures by Barbara are coast to coast and have found their way onto the cards, of hundreds of people who love and want to include their beloved pets.